Lilu Moon Elegant beauty gives bae a footjob [HD 720p]
Lilu Moon Elegant beauty gives bae a footjob [HD 720p]

Wearing an elegant white dress, slim Morena Lilu Moon waits silently by the window, building Michael's anticipation while he lies on the bed behind her. Turning to face her fan, Lilu extends one of her long legs to the bed, and begins to stroke Michael's hard cock with her feet. Climbing on top of Michael's lap, Lilu kisses him softly and slowly, seducing him with her charms. Pulling down her dress to show her tiny boobs and then sitting back, Lilu gives Michael a footjob, then sits on his dick and rides him cowgirl. Switching to reverse cowgirl, she moans as Michael puts her in a full nelson to penetrate her even deeper. After Lilu cums hard on Michael's dick, she presents her feet for him doggystyle, and Michael cums all over her soles!

Shona River Welcome Home  NubileFilms [HD 720p]
Shona River Welcome Home  NubileFilms [HD 720p]

Shona River is decorating the Casa for Alex D., who is on his way home from a recent deployment. Her patriotic decorations are much appreciated when Alex lets himself in. Reaching out to wrap his hands around Shona's waist, Alex announces his presence with a deep kiss.

Guiding Alex to the couch, Shona proves that she has something more than just a few decorations planned for her boyfriend's homecoming. She whips out his dick, her eyes never leaving his as she wraps her puffy lips around it. Using first one hand and then both, Shona strokes Alex's stiffie as she bobs her head up and down to suck him into absolute hardness.

Switching spots with Shona, Alex spreads his girlfriend's thighs and peels off her shorts after kissing her twat over the fabric. Pushing Shona's thong aside, Alex positions his fuck stick and thrusts his hips forward to sink deep into her welcoming snatch. Shawna alternates between rubbing her clit and her tits, lifting one thigh into the air to increase the pressure in all the right places.

Turning over so she's on her feet while she leans forward on the ottoman, Shona moans in delight as Alex reenters her trimmed pussy. Throwing her head back so her mane of hair whips back and then forward, Shona rocks back to meet every stroke. Temporarily sated as her body pulses, she rises to her feet to give Alex another lingering kiss.

Alex is set to keep going for Shona's pleasure and his own, so he sits on the couch and pulls his love down into his lap. Her stiffie ride is punctuated by short, sharp jerks of her hips. When she reaches forward to rub her clit as she keeps her hips in motion, another climax rocks her slender body.

Falling to her side with Alex following behind her, Shona lifts a thigh into the air so she can enjoy some sensual spooning sex. Alex is happy to keep playing stud to his girlfriend's needs until Shona's moans reach one last crescendo. Reaching down, Shona grabs the root of Alex's cock to help him pull out and aim at her trimmed pubic hair for the cum shower he can no longer hold back.