Maggie Green, Joslyn Black Patrol  [SD 540p]
Maggie Green, Joslyn Black Patrol  [SD 540p]

Outside WareCasa 9pm Suspects are outside in the wareCasas participating in illegal gambling. Suspects were inspected for illegal weapons and narcotics, search was negative and they’re IDs came up clean. We related the suspects, but not before asking who owned the wareCasa. Suspect told us that it was TT’s place. We knocked on the front door, but no one answered. Probable cause lead us to come in. We found the suspects in the back of the studio. Upon inspecting their ID’s we found that the suspect with the alias TT, real name Claymont Laymont Washington III, had priors. He has unpaid child support. We gave him two options. Go to Jail, or Give up the Dick. Suspect was cooperative, He got on his knees and ate pussy. Then the officers proceeded to suck his dick. Suspect Claymont also was allowed to fuck the two police officers to earn his freedom. After summing the suspect was Released, but given a promise to appear in court.