Bella Rolland, Jay Smooth Feet Sex Delivery [HD 720p] - August 2, 2019
Bella Rolland, Jay Smooth Feet Sex Delivery [HD 720p] - August 2, 2019

I was so excited and Córneo while getting ready for my date. I bought sexy sheer black lingerie and black heels just for the occasion. I also got my pedicure done because he loves looking at my sexy size 10 feet with a fresh pink pedicure. As I stepped out of the bathroom, my date called with some lame excuse for canceling our date. I was upset but once I calmed down I realized it meant neither dinner nor sex tonight. So I decided to do something about that an order delivery. This way I can hit two birds with one stone. I picked this Polish restaurant, hoping the delivery guy would be some handsome eastern European guy. I got lucky that he was! And my plan went perfectly. As I opened the door in my slutty see-through lingerie, his jaw dropped to the floor. He was kind of shocked about the whole situation which I found very cute. I invited him in and briefly told him what happened with my date earlier. I told him how Córneo I am so this is his lucky day. I asked him what he thinks of my sexy lingerie set paired with these slutty black heels. He said he thinks my feet look extremely sexy in them. I knew right then that he could be a foot Fetiche freak. I raised my long legs and long slender feet in front of his face and told him to remove my shoes. He knew exactly what to do next. As soon as he smelled my feet I knew he would be down for some kinky foot sex. He started to suck on my toes one by one then licked and sucked my smelly soles which made my panties incredibly wet. I pulled his face in and made him eat my slutty juicy pussy. After I jerked his cock with my long soft feet and gave him a slutty footjob, he slid that hard dick into my slut hole and I just couldn’t hold my quivering Orgasmos. He fucked me so good my slutty pussy juices were like a waterfall on his hard cock. After I lost count of my Orgasmos I made him cum all over my sexy feet. Was I supposed to tip him extra?