JennyBlighe Fuck Me in Multiple Positions ManyVids [HD 720p]
JennyBlighe Fuck Me in Multiple Positions ManyVids [HD 720p]

This is a custom video! Details below*** Hey Jenny- Heres what I was envisioning: 1min hairbrushing-you start out naked, with a perfectly straight part in your hair, wherever its most natural. Chat me up a little as you brush, like Hi, getting excited, since you know Im about to suck some cock? 2min BJ-take his cock out and lick the shaft a little before putting it in your mouth, and give a playful bj with lots of eye contact and a few comments. When he strokes your hair, smile and say you wish you could be touching my hair, dont you? 3min doggie-face the camera in this position, and get fucked in whatever way gives you the most pleasure. Chat with me and tell me how much youre enjoying it. 3 min cowgirl-position the camera so I can see your ass and your long hair down your back. Ignore me and fuck your partner 1min cum-take it whatever way pleases you most (surprise me), and wave bye 🙂 (he cums on my tits).