Alex Harper I Have A Wife [HD 720p]

Alex Harper I Have A Wife [HD 720p]
When you lose your wife’s ring, and it happens to be a very important family heirloom, you’re in the dogCasa for quite some time. So much so that even her friend is able to hold it over you and order you around, since she knows and you haven’t told your wife yet. Such is the case with Kyle, whose nuts are in a vice with her friend Alex Harper, who’s keeping quite about the ring, so long as he waits on her hand and foot at her home. But that’s all Kyle can stands, and he can’t stands no more, so he threatens to leave – until the leggy redhead propositions him with her hand on his cock! She’ll shut the fuck up if he fucks her till she nuts! So out falls Kyle’s big dick, and in it goes to his wife’s friend’s wet pussy. But, as we all know, karma’s a bitch, and Alex may just get what’s cumming to her!

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Alex Harper I Have A Wife [HD 720p]

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Calidad de video: 720p
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